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How We Work At

I am a Liquidator and Consolidator for the solar power industry.  I work with several large solar contractors & developers, which buy many megawatts of solar equipment every year and get very good pricing direct from the manufacturers.

I also find contractors and other companies that got stuck with some solar equipment due to cancelled jobs, bankruptcies or other issues, and want to liquidate their stock.

I sell this equipment to Contractors & Do-It-Yourselfers at very aggressive pricing.

The brands & sizes available may vary some from one month to month, depending on who purchased megawatts of what that month....but the price will tend to be 5 to 25 cents a watt below the current wholesale market for that same panel.

 I will put you in direct contact with the large solar developer-contractor that has the panels you want, at a better-than-average price.

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