2020 solar inventory list


NEW A-grade solar panels now available:
Canadian Solar 315w BoW $0.42/watt, on West coast
Canadian Solar 325w BoB $0.43/watt, on East coast
Canadian Solar 355w Mono $0.39/watt, West coast 
Canadian Solar 370/375w Mono $0.40/watt, East coast
Canadian Solar 380w Mono $0.41/watt, East coast

GCL 370w Mono $0.41/watt, East coast
GCL 375w Mono $0.41/watt, East coast

Hanwha Qcells 395w Mono $0.46/watt CONTAINERS East coast

JA Solar 345w Poly $0.33/watt, East coast
JA Solar 380w Mono $0.42/watt, CONTAINERS East coast
JA Solar 385w Mono $0.41/watt, CONTAINERS East coast

Talesun 335w $0.34/watt, West coast
Talesun 340w $0.34/watt, West coast

For the latest deals in BLEMISHED solar panels, please ask for the current list. These tend to be around 10 to 15 cents a watt cheaper than the A-grade versions of the same. Although I do have some new-in-crate U.S. made panels with blemishes that are for EXPORT ONLY, that are less than HALF the price of their A-grade counter parts!

For latest USED solar panel deals, please ask for the  USED list. Prices for used panels tend to range from 10 to 20 cents a watt, depending on age, what they are and HOW used. 

For INVERTER deals, please ask for inverters list.

ALSO, if YOU have any NEW or USED solar equipment you'd like to get out of your warehouse or field (i.e. sell...), please call me!


.. Jay Granat
Wholesale Solar Technology Broker & Liquidator

Phone: 530-303-3260
www.liquidationsolar.com     www.jaysenergy.com

All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted.

Updated 07152020

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