Autumn 2020 Solar Inventory List


ALL the following solar panels are A-grade new with factory warranty, sitting on U.S. soil ready to ship:
New REC 315w 72-cell repackaged 25 per pallet double-stackable 21 yrs left on warranty, $0.22/watt for 1 container load or $0.21/w for multiple container loads. Sitting in Georgia.
FYI a 40' shipping container load contains minimum 22 pallets of solar panels .
Can sell 4 pallets = 100 panels for $0.26/watt. That's $8190. for 31,500 watts of solar power!!
ALSO on east coast, for $0.26/watt container load minimums, see below:

Manufacturer   Power    Model                          Quantity left    Location             Warranty Start

HQC                  345        Q.Plus L-G4.2             1043                 Connecticut       December 2018

HQC                  355        Q.Plus DUO L-G5.2    2958                 Connecticut       August 2019

HQC                  360        Q.Plus DUO L-G5.2    7500                 Connecticut       August 2019

REC                  350        REC350TP2S 72 XV    1457                Connecticut       December 2019

REC                  355        REC355TP2S 72 XV    2633                Connecticut       December 2019

REC                  365        REC365TP2SM 72 XV       0                Connecticut        

There are also 10 megawatts+ of new Boviet 370w panels selling for $0.26/w by the MW or+.
Also have a couple megawatts of new NeoSolar-URE 385w & 390w mono panels in L.A. selling by the container load for $0.285/watt.

Need higher wattage? We've got U.S. assembled Jinko 410w mono available by the container load for $0.38/watt.
If you're looking for BIFACIAL solar panels, I have some 395w liquidating for $0.32 a watt for 12 pallet minimum orders., add 2 cents/w for 400w.

For smaller PALLET quantity orders of solar panels, please email or call to see what I currently have, thanks.
For off-grid inverters and Enphase microinverters just ask. Great deals!


For smaller PALLET quantity orders of solar panels, please email or call to see what I currently have, thanks.

For the latest deals in BLEMISHED solar panels, please ask for the current list. These tend to be around 10 to 15 cents a watt cheaper than the A-grade versions of the same. Although I do have some new-in-crate U.S. made panels with blemishes that are for EXPORT ONLY, that are less than HALF the price of their A-grade counter parts!

For latest USED solar panel deals, please ask for the  USED list. Prices for used panels tend to range from 10 to 20 cents a watt, depending on age, what they are and HOW used. 

For INVERTER deals, please ask for inverters list.

ALSO, if YOU have any NEW or USED solar equipment you'd like to get out of your warehouse or field (i.e. sell...), please call me!


.. Jay Granat
Wholesale Solar Technology Broker & Liquidator

Phone: 530-303-3260

All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted.

Updated 10162020

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