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2019 solar panel deals


So here is a list of solar panels for weekly 1 x container shipment, new A-grade full factory warranties.

We can get one 40' container load of each per week of the following:


Risen 120 cell bifacial glass 320 watt 40 per pallet unframed, or 30 per pallet framed, $0.41usd/watt DELIVERED;

Risen 144 cell bifacial glass 380 watt 40 per pallet unframed, or 26 per pallet framed, $0.395usd/watt DELIVERED;

Risen 120 cell standard 320 watt 30 per pallet $0.41usd/watt DELIVERED;

Risen 144 cell standard 380 watt half cell $0.395usd/watt DELIVERED;


Jinko 120 cell 325 watt standard 30 per pallet 780 per container $0.41usd/watt DELIVERED;

Jinko 144 cell 385/390 watt eagle standard 1500v 26 per pallet 572 per container $0.43usd/watt DELIVERED.



1680pcs/56pallets for BSM300M-60 black on black 300w mono SolarHome modules arriving at the end of the month, $0.38/watt for ALL, or $0.42/watt for pallets, 4 minimum.

2 container loads of Longi 400w bifacial panels, $0.46/watt delivered to your door!

16 pallets of ET Solar 310w poly 72-cell for $0.30/watt on east coast...

Got 900 kw of Qcells 330w "like new" panels that were briefly installed but never energized, for $0.26/watt;

Got 230, Sunedison 330w mono with 50 mm frames, in L.A. for $0.37/watt;

1084, U.S. assembled A-grade CSUN 370w mono panels in Sacramento for $0.46/watt for pallet quantities;  

AND, 4 truckloads of LG 400w Bifacial modules, $0.65/watt for truckload or ALL 3000 modules. This is a DELIVERED price.

Can sell 6-pallet minimum quantities of the LG 400w bifacials for $0.66/watt plus shipping from Toronto.


 As for B-grade solar modules, (new in crate with cosmetic blemishes that don't affect power output) I have:

1 truckload of LG 60-cell mono modules, various sizes from 320w on up, for $0.31/watt, 2 pallet minimum.

US made, Tier one 385w/390w mono perc modules, FOR EXPORT ONLY, $0.23/watt for truckload or $0.21/watt for MW+ qty.

All B-grade modules have a 1-year in-house warranty.


As for used modules, ask for current inventory.

For inverters, ask for current inventory.


Let me know if you can use anything, thanks!

ALSO, if YOU have any NEW or USED solar equipment you'd like to get out of your warehouse or field (i.e. sell...), please call me!


.. Jay Granat
Wholesale Solar Technology Broker & Liquidator

phn. 530-303-3260
www.liquidationsolar.com, jaysenergy.com

All the above equipment is NEW, never installed UNLESS otherwise noted.

Updated 6/6/2019